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Contractors Insurance in Zelienople, PA

Contractors insurance is a comprehensive coverage plan designed to protect contractors from various risks and liabilities they may encounter. While it may help cover expenses, it’s essential to understand that the specific coverage and extent may vary based on the policy. Griffin Insurance in Zelienople, PA, is here to help you understand your contractors insurance options.a man working on a piece of wood

Why Do Contractors Need Insurance?

Contractors work in an unpredictable environment. Appropriate insurance can help provide crucial financial protection.

In many states, contractors are legally required to have insurance to obtain licenses and permits. General liability insurance is a common requirement to protect against third-party claims.

Construction sites are inherently risky environments. Accidents, property damage or injuries can occur. Contractors insurance may help cover the costs associated with these incidents, reducing financial burdens.

Many contracts with clients, subcontractors, or suppliers require contractors to carry specific insurance coverage. Failure to meet these contractual obligations can lead to legal disputes and financial liabilities.

What Does Contractors Insurance Cover?

Your contractors insurance plan can be tailored to meet your needs. Your agent may recommend the following policies:

  • General liability insurance may help cover costs related to third-party bodily injury, property damage or personal injury claims.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance is crucial for contractors with employees. It helps cover medical expenses and lost wages for injured employees, reducing the risk of costly lawsuits.
  • Commercial auto insurance may help cover injuries, damage to your vehicle and liability after an accident.
  • Builders risk insurance may help protect against the financial impacts of damage or loss to the building under construction.
  • Professional liability insurance may help protect against negligence claims or errors in professional services.

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