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David and Josh both worked for Liberty Mutual in Pittsburgh before going independent.

“We have been buddies from an early age,” David admits. “Fourteen years ago, we decided that we wanted to start our own business in Northeast Ohio. We started a scratch agency that began with no clients and grew from there.” Early on, David and Josh moved from insurance generalists to specialists in the new home purchase portion of the mar – ket. This strategy has helped them to successfully grow their business organically and through acquisition. MVP’s real estate referral network spans from Northeast Ohio to Western Pennsylvania.“ We are an independent agency,” David says. “That means we have access to multiple companies. That helps us be able to provide a range of different options for our referral partners and their clients when it comes to their insurance.” Josh and David still maintain an office in Northeast Ohio and recently purchased an office in Zelienople, PA. The two are also quick to shine the spotlight on their team, which includes Marcie Presto, Brandy Young, Michelle Plaufcan, Edie Matthews, Terry Dobson and Marcie Wirtjes. “We all honor our commitment to put – ting valuable protection in place for those we serve. Our clients can go to bed knowing they are fully protected. We want them to have a good client experience,” Josh says. “Although we are independent, we are honored to say that Erie Insurance is our primary carrier.” David and his wife, Maria, treasure time with their children, Anneliese, Viviana and Antonio. In his free time, David has a passion for coaching his son in sports and watching his girls compete in sports and gymnastics, and he also likes to play basketball and take part in CrossFit classes. Josh and his wife, Dana, are the proud parents of three children as well, Nico, Dante and Italia. Josh has also enjoyed getting involved with his children’s activities. In fact, he has been a Pop Warner football coach for the past six years. Away from work, he also enjoys golf and exploring local restaurants. When you need a partner to help your clients secure home insurance quickly with value and care, look to David Varrati and Josh Medure of MVP Insurance.

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