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The Roadside Assistance Program is a service offered to our customers in need of roadside assistance. The service is available 24/7, including holidays, in the United States and District of Columbia. Customers who call 800-FOR-ERIE and select the prompt for roadside assistance will be connected directly to Agero, ERIE’s nationwide roadside assistance partner.

ERIE and Agero have set up a direct bill via the Erie Claims Center process. When ERIE receives an invoice, ERIE will issue a payment to Agero.

Services are limited to public roads, including accessible driveways and parking lots, but do not include private or off-road locations. Agero cannot provide service on restricted roads (i.e., roadside assistance is controlled by another entity such as a Thruway authority). A customer in a restricted road situation can have the entity’s tow service take the vehicle to a location just off the closest off-ramp. Customer can then call for ERIE roadside assistance and Agero will meet the customer where the entity’s tow service left the vehicle.

Please note that the program is for roadside service assistance only.  We do contract separately with Agero for accident-related towing.  Access to the Accident towing program through Agero is offered when a policyholder is identified as having a non-drivable vehicle upon reporting a claim through the First Notice of Loss (FNOL) team. FNOL will verify if the service is needed and then transfer the policyholder to the Agero accident towing team once they have gathered the details of the accident.

Agero will tow to the nearest repair facility PLUS 20 miles. If the customer wishes to be towed a distance greater than this, customer will incur an out-of-pocket expense that varies by service provider. The additional mileage must be paid by the customer at the time of service, either with cash or credit card. Advise the customer to save any receipts and submit the out of pocket charges to their agent for reimbursement review. 

Agero can assist with the following services:

  • Mechanical Breakdown: ERIE will pay for the tow, plus an additional 20 miles, to the closest repair shop or dealership capable of completing the repairs as part of the direct billing process. If the tow results in additional mileage, the policyholder can pay Agero with a credit card, obtain a receipt for the overage and submit the receipt to their Agent to be considered for reimbursement. The repairs are the insured’s responsibility.
  • Ran out of Gas: The service provider can take gas to customer so he can get to a gas station and fill as needed. Be advised, ERIE does not pay for the cost of the actual delivered gas; we pay for the service of having someone deliver the gas to our insured. The customer will have to pay the service provider at the scene for the cost of the fuel – usually 2 gallons.
  • Dead Battery: ERIE will pay for the service of jumping and/or quick charging the battery on site so the customer can start her vehicle. ERIE will not reimburse the cost of a new battery if it needs to be replaced; however, we will pay to have the vehicle towed if the jump-start or new battery did not resolve the problem. Reimbursement for the tow, if necessary, would be the same as detailed in the Mechanical Breakdown bullet above.
  • Stuck in Ditch/Snow/Etc.: ERIE will pay the cost to pull our insured out of the ditch/snow/etc. provided the vehicle is no more than ten feet off the roadway. There may be out-of-pocket expenses if the distance is greater than ten feet.
  • Flat Tire: ERIE will pay for the service of changing the tire provided the insured has a serviceable spare to put on the vehicle. If the customer does not have a serviceable spare, ERIE will pay the cost to tow the vehicle to a repair facility or dealership. Reimbursement for the tow, if necessary, would be the same as detailed in the Mechanical Breakdown bullet above. The cost to purchase a new tire, or to have the damaged tire plugged, rests on the insured.
  • Lock Outs:
    • If vehicle has roadside assistance coverage then lockout will be paid by roadside assistance coverage with no limit on service with claim created by Agero and billed automatically to ERIE for payment
    • If vehicle has no roadside assistance coverage, then lockout is an out-of-pocket expense for the insured. At completion of service, insured can turn receipt in from locksmith to agent for reimbursement consideration. If applicable comprehensive or collision coverage are purchased, reimbursement will be paid without deductible up to $75 or additional coverage may be available with Erie Auto Plus Endorsement.
    • **North Carolina customers receive up to the amount shown on their declarations. North Carolina Policyholders have road service coverage options of $25, $50 or $100


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