For an 'At or Above' market price.


"Why should I talk to you?"

My Experience
My name is Joe Griffin.  I am the President and Owner of the Griffin Insurance Group. I am 53 years old. I have been in the property and casualty insurance business since 1982. I worked for a large carrier managing 7 offices across Western Pensylvania for 13 years.  I have owned my own agency since 1996 when I started from scratch.  I have purchased 5 agencies along the way.  My passion is creating Win/Win situations with agency owners that are ready to make a change in their lifestyle.

My Agency
My agency is located in the Pittsburgh area.  We are currently licensed to sell insurance in PA, Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland.  We are always looking to expand. We sell and service all P&C policies as well as individual life insurance.  We are a paperless office with 2 monitors and a scanner on every CSR's desk.  We have excellent relationships with our carriers and I feel that we have some of the most competitive and easy to deal with carriers in the business.

There are no two agency owners alike when it comes to selling their agency.  Some, for tax reasons, would like to owner-finance some or all of the purchase price, others want nothing to do with thinking twice about the future of payments so they want cash up-front.

If your agency is a right fit for us, we have financing already lined up so we can move as quickly or as slowly as you wish.

"Can I trust you?"

Listen to Our Clients
We have made it a habit to ask for testimonials from our clients.  We currently have hundreds of statements from our clients indicating their satisfaction in how we do our jobs.  Service, price, and advice - I believe are second to none.
I personally would never jepordize my clients, my employees or myself and my family by conducting business other than with the utmost professionalism and moral standards.  If that is not the way you operate, please do not contact me.  

Should you want me to provide you with copies of the testimonials that's not a problem. 

Listen to Former Agency Owners
I would be a happy to set up a conversation between you and anyone of the former agency owners that I have done business with in the past.

"Can I get 2.5 times or maybe 3 times commission?"

Past Experience Does Not Indicate Future Performance
BUT, I have paid 2.75 times more than once.  As you may understand, my desire to pay a high price for an agency will come only after I take a good look at the operation.  I can see potential - or lack of it - in the due diligience process.  As I said before, if it's not a WIN/WIN - it's not going to happen.

"What if I am not close to you?"

For many years I managed multiple locations when I worked for a major carrier.  My next step in the growth of my business is to spread my wings and find an agency with good potential that is not in the Pittsburgh area. If you have an agency in California that is EXTREMELY profitable, I am open to discussion.  So what I am saying is I am not limited to a geographic area.  I have a great deal of experience in hiring and training good people.

"Ok Now What?"

If you would like to explore me as an option to you selling your agency, I welcome it.  It's begins with a cup of coffee.  We will talk and if you get the right feeling from our discussion, I will provide you with a confidential non-disclosure agreement which will keep all information between you and I strickly confidential.  If you don't like what you hear at any time, we part friends. But it must begin with you raising your hand.  You can call me on my personal cell phone 724-316-4762.  You can email me at  Also please feel free to check out our agency website by clicking on the home link on this page. 

I hope to hear from you soon.  Thanks for your time.

Joe Griffin